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Hail Viking Mothers!

There is nothing more difficult, painful, or sacred than bringing new life into the world. It takes the bravery of a Viking warrior and the patience and wisdom of Nature itself to bring up a child. Hail to all mothers! Skål!

Breastfeeding in the Viking Age

Ever wonder how Viking women breastfed their babies in their high-cut dresses?

The Meeting of Freyja & Thor

How I met my Viking berserker!

Viking Aftershave in Store Now!

Finally, a manly, sexy aftershave made especially for sensitive redheads! For the true Viking, the scent of the seafarer and the warrior, hand crafted and aged to perfection. All natural, no artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Now available for sale at Viking Aftershave… Continue Reading “Viking Aftershave in Store Now!”

Viking Poetry: Wild Joy

Viking poetry for a dark, cold and rainy Sunday in the mountains. Wild Joy You ask if I am happy. Happy as the solitary pine Naked on the mountain precipice Writhing roots death-gripping crumbling stone Black wind wailing ghostly requiems Across a sky of… Continue Reading “Viking Poetry: Wild Joy”

“Woven Moonlight” ~ The Magic of Linen

Who can resist the allure of linen? Elegant, cool in summer, warm in winter, crisp when new, soft and silky with age. My entire life I have been captivated by the fabric. At the age of 15 I made my first linen shirt for… Continue Reading ““Woven Moonlight” ~ The Magic of Linen”

Vikings Had Red Hair, Not Just Blonde

If you believe the Vikings series on the History Channel, it would appear that the majority of the Vikings were blondes. In Marvel’s Thor, he is blonde. The truth of the matter is that the god of thunder as well of a fair share of… Continue Reading “Vikings Had Red Hair, Not Just Blonde”

Freyja: Red-haired Goddess of Love, Beauty, Healing & Magic

Women dedicated to Freyja travelled throughout the world bringing healing.

The Viking Way

A love of all things Viking, and a lifelong quest for wisdom, truth, goodness and beauty, has led us to create Vikinghof. In the ways of the Old Norse we find a code of living in harmony with nature and one another that is… Continue Reading “The Viking Way”