Welcome to Vikinghof Brewery!

Featuring handcrafted, authentic Viking-style beer brewed with juniper from Northwest Montana and feisty kveik yeast for an ale that will bring out your inner berserker!

Ragnarok – Beer for the Last Battle!

Skal – Honey Ale for Viking Celebrations!


  1. Revive the making and drinking of authentic, hop-free Viking beer, brewed instead with wild juniper for its health-promoting and magical properties.
  2. Forge a connection with ancient Viking times and reeducate modern Vikings on the richness and importance of our heritage.
  3. Celebrate Viking festivals and weddings.
  4. Unite Vikings everywhere in sharing a drink to honor our past and inspire the future.

Hops v. Juniper

Hops are an herb commonly used for female issues like lactation support and menopause. They are a nervine and sedative that put you in a daze and induce complacency.

Juniper, in contrast, is a stimulant that boosts immunity, heightens sexual enjoyment, and supports vivd dreams. It makes for the ultimate energy beer!


Our goal is to open a brewery in the Flathead Valley of Montana to serve as a center for celebration and education.

Our initial fundraising goal is $50,000 to cover 1 year of operations including space rental, brewing and bottling equipment, and promotional merchandise.

Want to be a part of the Viking beer revolution? Purchase a t-shirt, donate cash or crypto, mail a check to our business address below, or contact us if you have goods or services to offer including a suitable space or land, brewing equipment, ingredients, etc. Join the community!

Donate through PayPal

Mail donations to:
Jesse Larson
PO Box 541
Whitefish, MT 59937

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