Freyja: Red-haired Goddess of Love, Beauty, Healing & Magic

FreyaRedheadOf all the Norse gods and goddesses, Freyja alone has enjoyed unbroken worship throughout history. Goddess of magic, love, fertility and healing, her name means “the lady”, as if to emphasize she is the epitome of woman.

Patron of wise women, seeresses, rune-mistresses and healers, she is Mistress of Seidhr, the brewing of potions and herbal medicines. As goddess of beauty, she encourages self-awareness, appreciation for and acceptance of one’s own personal beauty. It is also claimed she can give new life to the slain. Called the Shining One, legend recounts how she was cast into fire three times, each time emerging unharmed, thus earning the name. Even the rune “F” for Freyja represents good health.


Freyja’s Magic

Women dedicated to Freyja travelled throughout the world bringing healing, and this inspired us to dedicate our Viking body care line to her, by name our shop Freyja’s Magic. In the spirit of Freyja, it is our mission to celebrate the Nordic culture, bring healing to others and cultivate true beauty through our handmade body care products, crafted in harmony with nature. Visit us at and help keep the Viking spirit alive.



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